Try Our New GUI!

February 4, 2019 - We are in the process of developing a completely new graphical user interface (GUI) for C-PAC! In order to bring the best user experience for you, we are debuting the first stages of the new functionality- the pipeline configuration creator/editor.

This new interface is distributed apart from the main C-PAC package, and it works without requiring to install C-PAC and its dependencies on your system.

This is a work in progress, and we aim to improve the usability, so any feedback is welcomed! We would greatly appreciate it if you let us know your thoughts and suggestions in this feedback form.


Manage your different pipelines, or just use or edit the default pipeline.


Toggle on multiple things at once to easily create forks in your pipeline to run multiple versions at once.


Click on the question marks to get tool-tips, as well as a quick look at the location and key of the same setting within the text-based pipeline configuration YAML file.

Coming Soon (Release 1.5, early 2019)

  1. New GUI elements for the group-level analysis model builder for our group-level analyses:

    1. FSL FEAT & Randomise
    2. Bootstrapped Analysis of Stable Clusters (BASC) - via PyBASC
    3. Multivariate Distance Matrix Regression (MDMR) - often known as CWAS
    4. Inter-Subject Correlation (ISC) and Inter-Subject Functional Correlation (ISFC)
    5. Quasi-Periodic Pattern (QPP) Template Generation (coming soon in release v.1.4.1)
    6. Supervised Learning
  2. Data configuration editor

  3. Environments Setup

  4. Pipeline Execution Management

Use it online!

Now you can test it online:

Install & Run

To install it on OSX, you just need to open the .dmg file, and drag-and-drop C-PAC into the Applications folder.

On Ubuntu, you can install it with:

sudo dpkg -i CPAC....deb

This will create a link to the application in the menu.

If you do not have administrative permissions or if you use another Linux distribution, you can download the tar.gz and run the following commands:

mkdir $HOME/bin
tar -xvzf CPAC.....tar.gz -C $HOME/bin
chmod a+x $HOME/bin/C-PAC/c-pac_gui
echo 'export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/bin/C-PAC"' >> $HOME/.profile
source $HOME/.profile

To run: You can simply launch the new C-PAC GUI using the command: